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About Grassroots Foundation (GF)..

GF is not a profit organization of concerned group of committed activist from civil society, business, government servants and politicians, faith communities and social service movements. Our organization is built on a commitment to alleviate poverty and uphold the democratic values of equality, justice and respect for human rights.


Beautiful Kalpitiya has gone unnoticed due to its inaccessibility in the past. Kalpitiya is a land rich and fertile which grows both upcountry and low country vegetables and fruits without any variation in season in large quantities. Many farmers in Kalpitiya are deprived out of realistic price and income for their crops as they are victims of the middleman who determine what they will be paid. GF initiate livelihood development program for the Kalpitiya farmer community. The GF has chosen KALPITIYA as a start to venture into uplifting the lives of Farmers around in the area and creating a platform to bring a two way fair trade between the farmers and consumers..


Sri Lankan farmers get an increased income from conversion to organic production. This is not merely because of export potential but also because local awareness has led to the development of local markets for organically grown foods. GRF initiated organic farming to Kalpitiya farmer community to get realistic price and income for the organic crops while giving healthy fresh crops to consumer. These farmers produce these crops without any harmful chemical and are aiming at producing 100% organic fresh healthy vegetables and fruits for the local and international market. GR has been conducted number of training; seminars on organic farming with support of Department of Agriculture Assum 200 family have been trained and empowered on organic family.


Kalpitiya is fertile land rich to grow both up country and low country vegetables and fruit without any seasonal variation in large quantities. Broadly the climatically cool and salubrious conditions in the hill country are ideal for temperate crops such as carrot, leek, cabbage, cauliflower, beet, and beans but in wonder Kalpitiya also can grow same variety of vegetables without any quality, taste and colour differences. In additions to they cultivate onions, green chilies, bitter gourd capsicum, ash pumpkin, cucumber, brinjals different verities of melon for the any market.

We worked with farmers to bring them up and we develop them to face any market condition or demand such as local or international. In this case our intervention is to link the overseas market directly to the farmer organization in the area and by providing better prices to farmer community while satisfying overseas buyers with quality organic vegetables at very competitive rate at regular basic.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support and look forward to your assistance helping farmers to help themselves.

Organically grown apple banana

Farmers are growing green chilies and papaya In Same field at Kalpitiya.

Vegetables available for the Export Market.

carrots, leeks, cabbages, cauliflowers, beans, capsicums, snake gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, wing beans, long beans, green chilies, drumsticks, red onions, ash plantain, banana flower, radish, cucumber

Fruits available for export market.

Banana, Papaya, Guava, sweet melon, canter loop, and more.

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