As the 2nd phase of our WAVE WOMEN Project, the Foundation started a Jewellery project on the 1st of June 2007 with the enrolment of 20 Youth from the Dehiwala area.
This project was started with the aim of bringing out the creative side of the women and to promote Sri Lankan craftsmanship to overseas buyers

The Tsunami that surged through the coastal villages and cities of Sri Lanka took more than 35,000 lives. When the Tsunami hit, many women fled with nothing but the clothing they wore. But for women, it took their dignity as well.

The role of women in economic development is increasingly recognized both at international and national level. There is a growing awareness of the need to reach women and to fully involve them in development programs. However, extension services still face difficulties in effectively communicating and working with women. Among the reasons for this is the lack of adequate training material addressing the issue of working with such women.

Grassroots is working towards the empowerment of an increasing number of the Tsunami affected women in the rural townships and help them become useful citizens and participate in as many activities as they can.

By bringing together various vocational programs, Grassroots Foundation aims to fill this gap by providing with a series of practical training ideas and projects on how to effectively conduct extension activities with women.

The Foundation has planned to conduct a six months training program along with Community Concern in which Tsunami challenged women will be trained to make jewelry. These trained persons will be extended Micro Finance to start them off in self employment projects by Grassroots Foundation after the training for gainful employment.