Grassroots Foundation is based on recognition and respect for the Multi-cultural, Multi Ethnic, and Multi religious Society of SriLanka. The main components to our work – a progressive think tank doing research and producing materials on Social justice issues, and an educational component that collaborates with other groups to popularize these ideas.

The Pledge of the Foundation

We shall give our fullest commitment to the elimination of poverty, discrimination, development of the rural folk and villages.

We shall strictly observe the right of the individual to practice his own faith and respect laws of the land.

We shall HELP others who HELP the poor.

We shall work towards educating the population about the need for a clean and pollution free environment.

We will lobby for a new political order – the creation of a new social order – one which is well disciplined, peaceful and united; one which encourages unity in diversity: one in which democratic freedoms are respected & the Rule of the Law prevails.