The official Languages Act in Sri Lanka entitles a citizen to communicate in the language of his choice, but sadly it is not practiced. As a result of the inability of some Tamil speaking citizens to make an entry in Tamil in the Police Stations in the South due to the unavailability of Tamil speaking officers in Police Stations, Statements or entries made to the Police by Tamil speaking persons are recorded in Sinhalese resulting in the Tamil speaking person not being able to understand what has been recorded. In order to help in building harmony and reducing inequity and injustice in our country the foundation decided to fund a project to station a translator at three Police Stations and make a translator on call where necessary.

The three police stations that were chosen were Wellawatte, Kirulapone, Kotahena to facilitate this experiment.

The Foundations request was taken up by the Ministry of Defense and the Inspector General of Police.

We are pleased to point out that we have made an impact as our ideas and the voice of the people were taken into consideration by IGP Victor Perera to recruit retired Tamil speaking policemen to carry out the task of translation as per the article which was published on Daily Mirror Newspaper.