When the tsunami swept across the shores of Sri Lanka in December 2004, it destroyed over 1,500 homes in the Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia and Ratmalana areas and the entire community on these beaches was affected. Grassroots Foundation stepped into restoration of these shattered lives by enrolling women, especially in the Tsunami affected areas to up lift and give NEW HOPE.

Despite violence and discrimination, women are playing a key role in the social and emotional recovery of families and communities. We seek to address the particular needs of women, build their confidence and capacity to help themselves, get them more involved in decision making and be independent which will as a result uplift the lives of the entire family.

The Foundation started the 1st phase of this program in February 2007 by enrolling 40 women from the Dehiwala area in its Sewing project and was initiated together with Community Concern Society (CCS).

In our Wave Women project we provide these selected women lessons in Sewing, Accountancy, English and Business techniques in which the women create quality products which will be marketed under the brand name “WAVE WOMEN”.  The name connotes the giving a NEW start to the lives of women who have lost tremendously during the Tsunami and seen their lives been washed away. These women are encouraged into new avenues that would not only generate income but harnesses talents. This equips them with a skill which would result in improved living conditions, confidence gained, self reliance being built and would help them break the bondage of poverty.

Through this sewing project we strive to bring new opportunities to their batted lives by sourcing sustainable overseas and local markets for their creations. These women are now engaged in creating variety of items ranging from Cushion covers, Bags, Tableware and rugs.

The Foundation will launch the creations of these women on our E-Shop for local and oversea consumers to place orders .